Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is probably the one of most difficult and underestimated of all plastic surgical operations. It is a very commonly performed procedure. Women of all ages from teenagers to women in their 70’s are candidates. Needless to say, the younger patients are much more common patients for augmentation alone. Older patients typically must get a breast lift in conjunction with a breast augmentation. One of the difficulties with this operation is that no two breasts are exactly alike; all women have slightly asymmetric breasts. They are asymmetric with respect to size, shape, position on the chest wall, nipple size and projection. It is the job of the surgeon to augment the breasts and improve the symmetry of the breasts in the process. This can be a challenge, especially when nipple position is very different.

Location of Scar

Incisions can be made under the breast, around the lower half of the nipple, in the arm-pit and in the belly-button. Dr. Bain is able to use any of these approaches. His preference is to not scar the breast and he has found the trans-axillary approach, or armpit incision to be a great way to do this. Dr. Bain prefers the armpit incision over the belly-button incision because it provides more control over the operation. The peri-areolar incision is also another method of a hidden scar that is on the breast itself at the interface with the areola and the breast, and you will see this as well in the following pages.

Saline v. Silicone

There has been no clinical evidence to show that silicone implants are dangerous. The rest of the world still uses silicone implants and it is still used in the United States for breast reconstruction. The choice is up to you, the patient. (Assuming that you are a candidate).

Dr. Bain focuses on all aspects of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery including breast augmentation using both saline and silicone.

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