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Breast Augmentation – Patient 1

The following patient is 26 year old mother who was a “C” cup when she was breast feeding. She wanted to be that size again. Her biggest concern was that she not be made so big as to have unnatural breasts. Her breast diameter (the width of her breast on her chest wall) was measured and a high profile implant was chosen. She is very active and works out two hours a day. She did not wish to have implants so wide that they interfered with her athletic activities.

380 cc. high profile implants were placed and filled to 450 cc’s. You will see that her implants were placed through her armpits. No scar is visible on her breasts. This may seem like a large implant, however, as a rule of thumb, every 200 cc’s is a cup size.

Her nipples were not symmetric to start with and this can be seen in the photos. No patient has symmetric breasts or nipples. Dr. Bain makes every effort to make the breasts the same size after surgery.

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Dr. Bain makes every effort to protect his patients’ identities and privacy. Multiple photos are not shown as he does not ask patients to use their photos for the internet. The patients that you see offered to allow the use of their photos.

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