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Surgery after Weight Loss Newport Beach

Body contouring after weight loss is an integral part of “recovery” for those who take the time and effort to lose weight. Whether it is from diet and exercise, or from surgery, the results are the same and patients deserve to look better.

Many of these patients complain of excess skin and fat that just hangs after they lose weight. Often times, the skin and fat hangs terribly from the patient and they despise the way they look.

For many surgeons, the goal of body contouring after weight loss is to remove excess skin and fat that will not go away with further exercise and dieting alone. To Dr. Bain, this is only one of many goals. Probably the most important goal other than this obvious one is reshaping of the patient’s contour. Many patients complain that their waistlines are not feminine or masculine enough. By using internal sutures and liposuction, Dr. Bain is able to improve the contour of his patients while not delaying the recovery process. A nice masculine or feminine waistline is made without the sacrifice of recovery.

Dr. Bain’s patients typically stay in the hospital overnight and then go home the morning after this procedure. Sutures are removed after two weeks and normal activities are resumed at four weeks or so. Patients are encouraged to exercise after their recovery and continue to improve their body image over time as swelling continues to decrease after liposuction.

Dr. Bain focuses on all aspects of surgery after weight loss in Newport Beach, California. To learn more about these procedures or to schedule a consultation, contact us via email or call us at 949-720-0270.

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