Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is one of the most important procedures that can be performed by a cosmetic surgeon. Many patients and surgeons call this a reconstructive procedure; however, Dr. Bain feels that this procedure is a cosmetic procedure. Many patients who undergo breast reconstruction complain that their result that is not cosmetically pleasing! One of the reasons that this may occur is that some surgeons consider this an only reconstructive procedure.

There are various procedures used for breast reconstruction. Tissue expanders and breast implants are one method. The most important factor on the use of tissue expanders is whether or not radiation will be used as an adjunctive procedure for the breast cancer excision. Tissue expanders are contraindicated when radiation is used.

Autologous tissue reconstruction is another method for breast reconstruction. TRAM flaps, which use tissue from the abdomen for reconstruction, leave patients with a scar of the lower abdomen like a tummy tuck is another method of reconstruction. A back flap called and LD flap is another method that can be used and leaves a scar on the back. Typically, a breast implant is placed with this flap for size.

There are other methods including free TRAM and perforator flaps. These are also viable options for breast reconstruction; however, patients must know that with any free tissue transfer there is a risk of complete flap loss much greater than other techniques.

Dr. Bain is happy to discuss the various options with you to help you decide the method that is best for you.

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