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Breast Reduction Newport Beach CA – Orange County

Breast reduction surgery is probably one of the most immediately fulfilling procedures for both patient and surgeon. Women of any age are candidates for this surgery. Patients often complain of shoulder and neck soreness, chronic headaches and grooving of the shoulders, loss of nipple sensation, recurrent skin breakdown and breast infections. The goal of this surgery is to reduce the size of the breast while leaving an aesthetically pleasing breast shape and to reduce or remove the symptoms of large breasts. Typically, symptoms are gone the day after surgery.

There are multiple techniques that can be used for breast reduction. Liposuction only, vertical scar, periareolar and traditional Weis pattern, or anchor scar, techniques are all techniques that can be used. Each procedure has specific breast types for which they should be used. Dr. Bain can discuss your particular case with you. It is important that the correct procedure be used on the correct patient. If this is not done, the resulting breast shape will not be pleasing.

Many patients ask whether they will be able to breast feed after surgery. It is usually dependent upon the technique used. Typically if the correct technique is used women may breast feed, however sometimes not enough milk is produced to satisfy a baby.

Every effort is made to retain nipple sensation. Dr. Bain takes great care and effort to retain this important function of the breasts.

The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. Some patients elect to go home after surgery while others may prefer to stay overnight and go home the next morning. Dr. Bain is more than happy to discuss with you your needs and desires.

Dr. Bain focuses on all aspects of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery including breast reduction in Newport Beach, California. To learn more about breast reduction surgery or to schedule a consultation, contact us via email or call us at 949-720-0270.

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