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Chemical Peel – Patient 1

The following patient is a 58 year old who has been in the sun her whole life. Her family owns a winery and she is out in the sun for hours at a time. It is only in the past few years that she has started wearing sun block. She came with the following complaints: the quality of her skin, the wrinkles of around her mouth, the aged look of her eyes, neck and face.

Dr. Bain discussed many different options with her for facial rejuvenation. Croton oil peeling was discussed, as was other methods of skin care. In addition, surgical options were discussed. In the end the patient chose both the chemical peeling as well as surgical options. The Peel was performed 8 weeks before the surgery.

Both procedures went well. In the end she was very happy with her results.

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Dr. Bain makes every effort to protect his patients’ identities and privacy. Multiple photos are not shown as he does not ask patients to use their photos for the internet. The patients that you see offered to allow the use of their photos.

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