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Otoplasty Photo Gallery

Patient 1

This patient is an 8 year old boy who was born with deformed ears. He biggest complaint was that he was teased at school regularly. He came to Dr. Bain asking to have his ears fixed. He was seen and evaluated. His deformity was severe and obvious.

His surgery went well and he was very happy. He was not teased after his surgery at all. This type of surgery is the most difficult of all ear surgeries. After one surgery this boy was very happy.

Before surgery, Dr. Bain pointed out to the patient and his family that his ears were at different heights on his head. This patient was seen by a different plastic surgeon who said that he would need three surgeries before his ears were normal looking. The family came to Dr. Bain, who discussed the surgical procedure to be performed and the need for revision, if any. Any revision surgery, if desired, should wait for 6 months after the original surgery. This patient did very well and was very happy after his surgery.

Both the patient and his mother allowed the use of these photos so other children and adults could see the change possible in ears with a cosmetic procedure.

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