Facelift / Neck Lift Photo Gallery

Facelift / Neck Lift Patient 1

The first patient is 52 years old and complains that she looks old. She doesn’t like the way her jowls are forming, the bulges under her neck (these are salivary glands) and compalins that her face is drooping. Also, she had liquid silicone injected in her naso-labial creases by a dermatologist about 12 years prior to surgery and she did not like the result that has ensued.

If you look closely, you will also see that she has a sad looking upper lip and it is very long. Her lips are also thinning with age. An Upper Lateral Lip Lift was performed. This procedure was designed by Dr. Michael A. Bain and Dr. Robert X. Murphy, Jr., and presented at a national aesthetic plastic surgery conference in Vancouver, BC, as well as international cosmetic plastic surgery conference at the Red Sea, in Israel.

This patient underwent a face and neck lift — superficial and deep layers, upper lateral lip lift, & brow lift. She also had her lips augmented with fat. You can see that even nine months later, her lips are still fuller.

Dr. Bain makes every effort to protect his patients’ identities and privacy. Multiple photos are not shown as he does not ask patients to use their photos for the internet. The patients that you see offered to allow the use of their photos.

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