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Rhinoplasty Photo Gallery – Patient 1

The following patient is 26 years old and has detested her nose throughout her life. Her principal complaint is the large hump on the side view. She also complains that her nose is not balanced: she has a narrow upper nose, a large, bulbous nasal tip and a nose that generally doesn’t fit her face. She also has difficulty breathing through her nose.

Her main goal was to have a balanced nose that fit her face and appeared natural.

An open approach was chosen. In the open approach, incisions are made inside the nose, as well as a small incision on the columella, or bottom, of the nose. It is barely visible and usually disappears completely. In fact, it can only be seen if someone is looking up into the nostrils. The open approach allows access to the entire nose as well as the nasal tip. It is the most accurate approach if you want a large change in your nasal tip. Swelling is of similar duration, whether an open or endonasal approach is used.

The post-operative photos of this patient are six months after surgery. She is very pleased with her results.

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