Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a commonly performed procedure. Lip augmentation creates fuller, plumper lips and reduces the fine wrinkles around the mouth. Dr. Bain injects lips with either collagen or with fat that has been transferred from another site in the patient’s body. Both liquid collagen and fat are eventually re-absorbed by the body and repeat treatments are necessary to maintain results. You do have longer-lasting options, including implantable materials like AlloDerm and SoftForm.

The procedure is also quite simple in the hands of a well trained person. A natural or synthetic bio-compatible material, or the patient’s own fat, is injected or implanted in the lips. One injection is usually sufficient to produce the desired result although injections may need to be repeated periodically. Proper placement of the injected material is important.

If you choose the more long-lasting option, then AlloDerm, a natural collagen sheet made from donated skin, is inserted through tiny incisions inside the corners of the mouth. Once the AlloDerm implant is in place, it eventually becomes integrated with the natural tissues. Gore-Tex, SoftForm and soft ePTFE are other synthetic implant options.

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