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Liposuction Photo Gallery

Patient 2

The following patient is a 36 year old woman who is the mother of two. She came complaining of very large thighs and hips. She spoke at length with Dr. Bain regarding her options for cosmetic enhancement. Dr. Bain discussed liposuction with her as a means of reducing the size of her thighs and abdomen.

Before her procedure, she was a size 12. After her procedure she was a size 5. After her procedure, she wore a surgical garment for a few months. She did this so that the areas form which fat were removed would scar into place tighter.

Liposuction is generally a very safe and effective procedure. Dr. Bain does liposuction using a technique known as tumescent anesthesia. With the use of tumescent liposuction, mostly pure fat is removed with minimal bleeding. Recovery is fast and bruising is relatively minor. When the tumescent fluids are used, the procedure is routinely done under local anesthesia or with a twilight type of sedation. Liposuction may be done in addition to other surgical procedures.

Liposuction in Newport Beach – Dr. Bain focuses on all aspects of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery in Newport Beach, California. Services provided by Dr. Bain include breast augmentation, breast implants, breast lifts, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, liposuction, tummy tucks, labiaplasty, and body lifts. Facial procedures include facelifts, forehead lifts, rhinoplasty, neck lift, eye lift, BOTOX, chemical peels, lip augmentation, facial implants, and otoplasty. To learn more about these procedures or to schedule a consultation, contact us via email or call us at 949-720-0270.

Dr. Bain makes every effort to protect his patients’ identities and privacy. Multiple photos are not shown as he does not ask patients to use their photos for the internet. The patients that you see offered to allow the use of their photos.

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