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Skin Care – Patient 1

This patient is 33-years old. She came complaining that her nose was ugly. She broke her nose a number of times in high school and had a crooked upper nose. She did not like the dorsal hump on her nose. In addition, her nasal tip was wider on the right side as compared to the left.

An endonasal approach was performed. All incisions are made inside of the nose. It is a very nice way to perform a rhinoplasty. This has also been know as finesse-sculpting rhinoplasty.

It takes about seven to ten days for bruising, if any, to resolve. It usually takes four to six months for all swelling to resolve. Fortunately, the nose looks so much better even after two weeks that the swelling doesn’t bother patients to a significant extent.

This patient’s rhinoplasty is subtle. Her friends knew that there was a change. Those who had not seen her for a while regularly asked her if she lost weight or if she had her hair done.

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