Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is probably one of the most important procedures for a woman after she is done having children. Often, women’s bodies undergo irreversible changes after childbirth. The lower abdominal skin stretches, the inner layers of the abdominal wall stretch permanently and many stretch-marks occur.

Stretch marks are actually tears in the dermis, or lower portion, of the skin. They are irreversible! There are no creams or lotions that will work to reduce them. The only to remove them is through surgical excision.

The goals of the surgery are to both remove the lower abdominal skin while keeping the scar hidden. This can reduce the hair of the lower abdomen (and mean less shaving). The other goal is to tighten the waist-line with internal suture techniques, leaving a more pleasing curvature of the abdomen.

Dr. Bain understands the goals of patients. His philosophy is that all of the above should be done while keeping a scar hidden so well that a patient should be able to wear a thong or g-string if they so desire. Dr. Bain often performs liposuction in conjunction with this procedure to help flatten the abdomen and contour the flanks. It a patient desires, the buttocks can be liposuctioned as can the upper hips through the same incision.

Recovery time from this procedure is usually about two to three weeks. The majority of the pain is gone by five days after surgery. Patients either stay over-night for observation or go home the evening of surgery. An abdominal corset or garment is worn for about three to four weeks after surgery depending upon how much liposuction is performed. Dr. Bain advises patients to take it easy for a few weeks and then start increasing activity as they are able. Usually, by four weeks after surgery a normal exercise routine can be back in full swing.

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