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Tummy Tuck Photo Gallery – Patient 1

The following patient was 27 years old and the mother of two. She has very lax skin that pregnancy stretched. She worked out from time to time, but really did not have the time to with two young children at home. She had a very large number of stretch marks between her pubic hair and her belly-button. She told Dr. Bain that she would happily trade all of her vertical stretch marks for a horizontal mark if it could be hidden in her thong.

Dr. Bain had a discussion with this patient telling her that there is no guarantee that her scar would be hidden by a thong. He told her that he would do his best to keep it very low on her abdomen so that it could be hidden. If you look at her pictures, you will see the upper hole of her belly-button ring on her abdomen.

The patient did not want it removed after the surgery because it reminded her of how she used to look.

Needless to say she was thrilled with the results of her surgery.

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Dr. Bain makes every effort to protect his patients’ identities and privacy. Multiple photos are not shown as he does not ask patients to use their photos for the internet. The patients that you see offered to allow the use of their photos.

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